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Welcome To TiaraOwnersClub.com

Welcome to TOC, a boating forum for owners of Tiara Yachts to enthusiastically discuss all aspects of Tiara Yacht ownership. Whether you are looking for your first Tiara or currently own one, you are sure to feel at home on TiaraOwnersClub.com

  4/21/2014 5:58:17 AM   Posted by: Nick

Dear all, just to inform you about the quality of Tiara. My family owns a Tiara 3100 open made in 2011. The boat arrived from the yard with one zf coupling on one engine and one chines coupling on the other engine instead of a ZF coupling. The chinese coupling obviously was not working, so it has been replaced (warranty) thanks to ZF Italy. Then the ladder was rusting and the portholes as well. Tiara sent new ladder and new portholes but the problem remained. Then Tiara admitted that they use Aisi 304 instead AISI 316 for ladder and portholes(and the portholes are not even polished inside). We had to change everything with Aisi 316 at our expenses (you will not notice the problem if your navigation is on lakes). But the story is not over : the boat was always nosing up, with a consumption of approx. 97 liters per hours at cruising speed of 25/26 knots (a bit less then 26 gallons per hours), and the minimum glide speed was around 18 knots which made the navigation in rough sea difficult and uncomfortable. Thanks to a friend who is a famous off shore pilot and as well a mechanic, we found out that the 3 blades propellers are inappropriate for the boat. We made a 4 blade propellers and we added a 5 millimeter intruder. Now the boat has a cruising speed of 24/25, a maximum speed of 30/31 (against 31/32), a minimum glide speed of 13/14 knots and a consumption of approximately 73 liters per hours at cruising speed (a bit less then 20 gallons per hour).
And the boat is not nosing up any longer.
We believe that the perfect result will be obtained with an intruder of 7 millimeters, but we are safisfied enough with the results.
I passed all the details to Tiara but I guess they are not interested in improving their products.
Conclusions : Tiara makes expensive low quality boats, and has a very poor quality control as well.
Maybe in the past was different, when Tiara was well known to make the Rolls Royce of the sea, but now they are like Riva, only the name remains. Good luck to all the Tiara owners.

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 New Coupe Owner!
  4/20/2014 8:22:54 AM   Posted by: Gobu555

Hello to everyone.
I'm very excited to join your community. As an avid boater for over a decade, I am fully aware of Tiara's reputation and look forward to actually experiencing it first hand. So far, I must say, the build process has been outstanding. The factory people have been very responsive to all of my suggestions and the boat is set to be delivered , on time, this Spring.
I'm a former Fleming 55 owner so I know what good quality and service is about. I also owned a Sea Ray and Benetau at one time so I know what poor quality and service is as well.

Glad to be hereā€¦..

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 Helm Console
  4/20/2014 5:02:08 AM   Posted by: Walker

Looking for some thoughts regarding the Helm console on my recently purchased 2006 3200 Open: How do I swing the helm console open? My previous Tiara had two handles on which to grab hold and yank aft. This boat hasn't any grab handles and I can't see where to grip it to swing it open, any ideas?

My Raymarine Ray 240 VHF won't power up and I need to gain acces to the helm are to check connections and see if there are any fuses in line.
Thanks for you help.

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 Cummins Displays
  4/18/2014 6:18:39 AM   Posted by: sbmar

In case any of you guys have the early Cummins 480CE's or QSM11's & are dealing with "fading" or non-working displays, we now have a less painful answer.. It took about 1 year of blood, sweat, & some tears, but finally we have great "Plug & Play" solution to upgrade your old Cummins ED-1 display panels..


About $400 less than from your local dealers, and comes with a 2 year no-hassle replacement warranty .. Plus, we give all the "one-on-one" support you may need should you have any questions..




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 8.1 Crusaders in a 35 Open?
  4/17/2014 4:37:31 PM   Posted by: Ethereal

I am considering a 35 Open with 8.1 Crusaders. Some say it is not enough power, others say it is. Some say they are fine for the Open but not enough for the Express. I noticed that the Open weighs only 2/3 that of the Express (14,000 compared to 21,000 plus). Is the 8.1 package enough power?

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