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 Air Conditioner
  10/1/2014 11:07:02 PM   Posted by: dfwspoon15

We recently purchased a 2001 Tiara 3500 Express. We love the boat and are looking forward to many hours of enjoyment.
I discovered the air conditioner only works when the generator is running and not under shore power. I was told that I need a splitter
to plug into shore-1 and shore-2. However, my boat won’t allow me to operate both at the same time.
If anyone can provide a solution I would be most grateful.

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 AC condensation along carpet in cabin & loud AC unit
  9/30/2014 3:29:53 PM   Posted by: gmoss001

I have a '97 2900 Open. I am getting condensation along the carpet at the forward step to the berth in the cabin. I have narrowed down the source to the AC unit as I only get the the moisture after running the unit. I assume there is a clog from the Mermaid AC unit to the sump pump under the two steps in/out of the cabin. There is no moisture around the unit and I cannot find a "drip tray".....Any ideas of how to fix this issue?

Second question - The AC unit seems to be very loud while running. I had a cruise air unit in my last boat and it ran much quieter. I talked to Mermaid and they said that there should be a foam gasket under the drip tray to absorb some of the sound but I have not been able to locate or verify if I have the gasket in place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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 fold up bench seats on 33 open?
  9/30/2014 1:15:24 PM   Posted by: Steed36

I would like to get rid of the storage box seating in the cockpit of my 1988 33 open and replace it with bench seating that will fold-up along the gunwhale and transom like the later models. Has anyone ever done this- and where can I look for the proper brackets? I appreciate any ideas or input.

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 Hydraulics information
  9/30/2014 9:12:40 AM   Posted by: skindr

My hydraulic system has died on my 40'express.I needed a new pump +valves and manifold + new hoses. My mechanic is stumped at getting it all to properly function and, lacking schematic diagrams faces many more hours labor at my expense. I called Tiara several times and, as usual was only able to leave voicemail which elicited no response. Anyone have a schematic diagram and electrical schematics of the hydraulics ? The owner's manual is of no help. Thanks

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 Fresh Water Pumps
  9/28/2014 5:16:42 PM   Posted by: anthem

I have a 2002 38 Open. It has two fresh water pumps. I have always turned both on. I have noticed recently that one of them never shuts off. I have two questions....one...is the second pump just a backup? Two....If I were to replace it, what would be a recomendation for a replacement. More water pressure would be good.

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