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 1990 3600 Open gunnel and transom wood replacement
  9/16/2014 8:14:05 PM   Posted by: 67-LS1

I have a 1990 3600 Open and I would like to replace the teak on both gunnels and across the transom. After 24 years, they have been refinished to the point where the black caulk lines are gone.
I pulled the caulk from the perimeter of each board but cannot get the wood out. They must have used some form of nuclear glue or ??? I would like to get them out in one piece if possible so I can use them as a pattern.
Has anyone ever replaced their wood? How did you get the old wood out? I have tried gently prying but I don't want to scratch the fiberglass. I have tried a chemical that softens the rubber caulk but apparently that's not what's under the wood.

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 Northstar Echo 490s trouble shooting
  9/13/2014 10:12:13 AM   Posted by: Betterdays123

I originally posted a problem about my Northstar 490s.
Connected to an Airmar high speed fairing (b66)?
Suspected the transducer.
However, today I connected it to the other Airmar in hull transducer(P79) I have in the boat.
I basically got the same readings.
The sounder picture moves and it seems to be reading bottom with both, however, the sounder picture is heavily red at the top 2inches. Not sure but something is not right. Sometimes at sea the depth goes to 2ft?
It doesn't look like the demo screen at all.
Any thoughts?
I don't mind changing the in hull, but now my thought is that the Northstar Echo 490s could be bad.
Honestly a much easier swap than the transducer.
I think I can get one on eBay.
Any possibilities that I could upgrade to another unit compatible with Old Northstars?
System is 2 Northstar 6000i connected to the Northstar 490S.

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 Series 31 Batteries
  9/13/2014 5:13:46 AM   Posted by: torchlake99

I have 5 batteries on the house bank because the boat had an inverter/charger a couple years ago. They went from 3 to 5 batteries at this time. This past spring I had to replace all 5 batteries because one went bad and the charger "cooked" the 4 good ones trying to charge up a batterie that was not going to charge.

My question is why not purchase one or two larger batteries to do the same work but reduce the number of batteries so if one fails the others will not over charge and be ruined? Has anyone done this and if so what did they select to replace the large number of batteries on the house side?



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 Preventative Maintenance
  9/10/2014 7:06:29 PM   Posted by: Northporter

My Coronet 29 is 14 years old with 300 hours. Used in the Great Lakes during a short summer season and stored in heated indoor storage in off season.

I'm looking for recommendations as to preventive maintenance that should be completed to avoid any downtime during the boating season.

To date maintenance has been quite minimal. Belts, impeller, oil changes, waste filter and toilet re-build. What about things like prop, transmissions, hoses?

Anyone know of a good checklist or simple app that might provide direction? Forgot to mention, my boat is equipped with small block fuel injected V8's.

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 Aft Bilge Pump - Attwood 4060
  9/9/2014 10:13:41 AM   Posted by: TripleStrength

My Attwood 4060 has finally died on me. It's done a great job, no maintenance. I really like the way Tiara used the mounting bracket in the aft bilge to keep the bilge pump and float switch in place in my 2007 38 Open. In trying to keep things as original as they can be I have found that the 4060 is no longer available. I seem to be having difficulty finding another "like" model with the mounting bracket. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Can anyone suggest a 2000 gph "heavy duty" bilge that is compatible with a mounting bracket that hold the float in place as well.

Thanks, in advance,
Tom - Triple Strength

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