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 helm leaking+
  10/21/2014 5:01:13 AM   Posted by: tedemerick

I have a 1991 tiara 36 foot express and the helm is leaking. does anyone know who made the helm. I would like to send it for a rebuild and I need to know the model. thank you in advance.

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 31 Open Cockpit table
  10/17/2014 3:03:24 PM   Posted by: Dakota773

OK Tiaradom!

Has anyone out there build a table to fit in the seatee area adjacent to the helm? Winter is coming and I've been thinking of this project for awhile. It obviously need to be removable. The seats are elevated so no matter the configuration, it's a custom height post and requires lateral and fore-aft reinforcement if anyone bumps it underway (for sure will happen). I've contemplated a typical post / recessed base with a very stiff (removable probably custom) bracket about the height of the seam from base to the seat vinyl. I know that Peko or someone make a "v" bracket that is removable table post, but I don't think it has the lateral stiffness and there isn't a good mounting location with the access door to the storage.

Thoughts and or pics would be welcome!


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 3100 open'94 crusaders sea chests
  10/16/2014 3:23:55 PM   Posted by: Persistence

Hi all, i'm looking for something to make a nice seal over my sea chests so i can run the motors easily and winterize while out of the water. I tried a nice 3" pvc threaded cap but it was too big. looks like i need 2 3/4" or so. basically i want to pop the sea chest cap and insert something connected to a hose / barrel. My friend has a decent rubber piece that fits its just not that snug but it does work.

How do others do this?


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 Teak flooring care as well as the hardwood on the walls
  10/15/2014 11:02:23 AM   Posted by: sluggo

I have a 2006 Sovran with the teak and holly flooring, I am assuming all I need to do is apply some teak oil (starbright?) to the floor and should be good to go. I also have wood on the walls, I think they are sealed with some sort of Polyurethane, so I guess a good wipping is all that is needed? or are the walls not sealed and maybe need teak oil as well??

Thoughts?? TIA

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 Raw Water Pump Impellers
  10/10/2014 6:39:10 PM   Posted by: Uhehner

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes high grade raw water pump impellers? Something that will not break up in pieces after one season. The OEM brands have gotten worse over the years and the outboard pumps on many installations are barely visible. Years ago impellers wore out or took a set and caused an overheat. Now they crack or break apart and plug the heat exchangers downstream. I can read about changing them but to actually do the job I need a strong midget contortionist. I'm thinking maybe a polyurethane type impeller. Comments please. Capt. George

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