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Full Version: 29 Tiny Tiara fix up
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Looking to put a windlass on my 29'. Anyone have an opinion on Lewmar or Maxwell?</p>

Which models? Looking at V700 and RC6</p>

Apparently the windlass is not prewired........ Any views on how difficult to put the cabling in place?</p>

For the anchor chain...what about 150' of chain instead of chain/rope combination?</p>

Any views on that?[img]../images/emoticons/shock.gif[/img]</p>
I have had Lewmar on my last 2 boats and they have been flawless... I can't speak for Maxwell.

Regarding all chain: Where do you do your boating and how do you plan to use it? Overnights, extended cruising and anchoring, etc.
Tiara has used Maxwell for quite a few years and they are nice products. I am an Imtra dealer and sell Lofrans and Muir and they are comparable. Let me know If you would like more information.
Planning on doing a lot of &quot;poking around&quot; the Keys...so day cruising but moving spots a lot...

Yes please send more information on the other options.</p>

how tough is it to install..3 hours? or more?

Quote:KnightCap - 11/25/2010 11:52 PM Planning on doing a lot of &quot;poking around&quot; the Keys...so day cruising but moving spots a lot...

All chain isn't necessary for that kind of anchoring. I would go with 10-15' feet of chain then the rest rode. Remember too that if the windlass does fail, for what ever reason, you'll be hauling all of that chain up by hand Shock
Hard to say on the install time since it really depends on the wire run. I would think about 4-6 hours depending on the wire run would be reasonable.
this picture is not of my 29 tiara but managed to stubble across it today some how. excellent picture of the underside of the windlass installed of what is supposed to a 29 tiara.

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wow...thanks, nice pics...couple of questions,,</p>

what is the backing plate material being used? </p>

There appears to be an interconnect block for the battery wire to attach to, then the winch (darkish brown color)...what do you need that for?</p>