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Full Version: Changing impeller on Starboard 2900 Open??
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Wow, I need to change the impeller on the starboard crusader on my 2900 Open. I can't see any way to reach it?
Has anyone done this, if so, how did you do it?

I did it ! Had to remove the alternator.
Reached across and removed the adjustment bolt and the pivot bolt
And the hose from the u-tube then
The whole assembly can be moved
Into the center. Took about 3 hours
I agree . I find when working on any of those parts its just as easy to remove ,fix and then reinstall . I even replace mounting hardware. While we are on that subject do you have problems with alternators loosening periodically.
No, however the raw water pump belt
Seems to get loose. I don’t think the
Impeller was bad ( still changed it ) I think it was the belt. Hardest part was tensioning the new belt. You can’t get two
Hands in there. I cut a board and braced it against the well and that did the trick keeping the tension on while I tightened the bolt
We have the same boat .... I'm in Marshfield Green Harbor Brewers or Safe harbors which ever you prefer.
Got it!

[Image: BXjuEYu.jpg]
Are you in the water yet? If so did you have any issues?
(05-16-2019, 07:24 PM)Sallypops Wrote: [ -> ]Are you in the water yet? If so did you have any issues?

Yes, been in the water since April 15th. The biggest problem was the Marina oil change. They left the gasket
from the old filter and of course the new gasket, at 3200 RPM the gasket blew and 5 quarts of oil sprayed all over
the engine room, luckilly I shut the engine down immediately, after a huge cleanup, it's running great now.