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Full Version: Beeping sound at increased speed
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After moving on plane there is a beeping sound all gages are normal 
After decreasing speed sound will slow down and stop when Idling
Is it the same sound you get when you first start up? If so, I’d start with examining oil pressure. Don’t trust the gauges at the helm and toss a mechanical gauge on the motor to rule that out.
Thanks for info. When I tip console back two alarms one on starboard one on port right side alarms when keys are on port side is the alarms while underway
Not knowing what motors you have, but if you have gas motors, the engine alarm goes off for one of three reasons.

Oil pressure, engine temp, or transmission temp.

First things first. Check your oil, and transmission fluid levels. If their fresh water cooled, check antifreeze levels.

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6bta5.19 Cummins
I’ll check what you said thank you
Ok, I'm not sure anything I provided applies to diesel's, but that would still be a good place to start.

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Thanks to all it was a loose ground bus bar