by JMGCINCY2023 at Yesterday, 08:34 PM
Hello, considering a 1996 3500 Express fresh water only.  Pride of ownership shows every where.  Above average condition survey of the boat and systems that could be operated while not in the water.  Seems to have all options including the built in vacuum system.  Even has Tiara towels.  Looks like it would be a nice boat for a couple of 70 year old's and our last boat.  

I spent a couple hours in the engine room.  You could eat off the engines, generator, and bilge.  Our current Whaler is the same way.  Owner built in shelving above the batteries with tool box and tubs with spare parts.  Labeling on the wiring.  It has twin 502 XLI engines (1,420 hours), could not find any leaks or corrosion.  Same with the Westerbeke 6.5 (759 hours).  Service records for both.  I'm in the oil business so I pulled engine and generator oil samples and will do particle counts.  I will have a certified mechanic go through engines, generator, and air conditioning prior to purchase.

Question: It has eight batteries.  I would have had to disassemble the shelves to get at the batteries.  The two I could get at tested good and I could see no terminal corrosion on the others, all clean.  If all eight batteries need to be replaced, what type should I be looking at and approximate cost.  It does have an inverter / charger.

Thanks, Mike
by Eric Wachsning at Yesterday, 04:35 PM
For sale - late 80s thru early 90s large livewell ( center ) for a 31 open. OD lip width approx 47" and height 23 1/2". I also have the drain plug and hose that drops into bilge. $500 OBO. Location chicago area. Anyone interested can text me at 847-630-7179. Very good condition.
by Jack Aperio at 03-01-2024, 04:08 PM
I just replaced my Onan 9kW generator with a new 6kW Northern Lights genset. My Onan was pretty difficult to run at the recommended 50% load minimum (37Amps) when my primary usage was only for the hot water heater and house battery charger. It was also pretty loud in a quiet anchorage running at 3600 RPM with its cooling discharge dumping out my port exhaust. When it finally quit on a trip last summer, I decided it was time for an upgrade. 

The new generator is in Northern Lights 6kw that runs at 1800 RPM. I added compound mounts below the base tray so that the entire unit hovers above the engine room floor. I removed all of the old exhaust system and had the old discharge pipe into the port exhaust cut off and fiberglassed over. The new exhaust drops into a lift muffler that we installed on a shelf just below the engine room floor in front of the gray water tank then travels the old path behind the rear bulkhead towards the port where we added a Gensep (water separator) aft of the port fuel tank. A new thru hull was added just below the shelf aft of the port fuel tank for the separated water and the dry exhaust was routed to exit right above the waterline alongside the existing deck drain discharge.  The end result is remarkable. It’s so quiet I sometimes forget it’s even running. 

The 6kW provides plenty of power (50Amps) but I did need to add Dometic soft starts to both reverse cycle A/C units. The lock rotor amps needed to start the compressors of both units resulted with a hesitation when starting while on generator power. This was easily remedied with the addition of the soft starts. I also made sure that my primary loads (Hot water & Battery chargers) were distributed evenly between Line 1 and Line 2 on my electrical panel. This was important for the proper equal loading of the new generator.

I couldn’t be happier with the end results.
by PattB at 03-01-2024, 07:46 AM
Looking for the aft seats that came with the 80’s Tiara’s.  They were boxes with cushions on top. Don’t care if the cushions are damaged.
by stanfarbman at 02-27-2024, 11:22 PM
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone replaced the kitchenette tapware and pullout shower in the head?

If so, what brand and where can I buy?
by at 02-22-2024, 09:34 AM
Does anyone know how to remove the cabin center ceiling panels in a Tiara Open 32?  Mine are beginning to sag a bit and also need some reglueing, but for the life of me I cannot determine how to disassemble these center panels without damaging.  There are two trim rails holding them up, but I cannot even determine how to remove them.  Are these panels simply forced into these trim rails?  Can these panels simply be slid out one end? Any suggestions might help.
by charley's angel at 02-21-2024, 11:37 AM
I have a 2018 43" open Tiara and I need to replace the rubber wiper blades.  There is no make or model info on the blades and not sure where i can get them. Auto supply stores are telling me i need marine stainless steel blades because in salt water they will rust away really quick.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
by Joeboch348 at 02-18-2024, 03:35 PM
Im looking for a hardtop for a 93 3100
by tglass at 02-18-2024, 03:11 PM
I'd like to add a table to the L Lounge in the cockpit of my 41 Open.  Looking for ideas from anyone that's added a table.  TIA.
by twilson0929 at 02-17-2024, 11:03 AM
I need to replace the struts that hold up the bed on my 01 3800 Open. I replaced the mattress foam with something a bit thinker and heavier and the current struts, probably original, won’t hold the bed / hinge up. Any guidance on where to get new ones or maybe struts that are a bit beefier please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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