by Fishizzle at 10 hours ago
I just bought a 1988 31 Fly Bridge.  The plexiglass windshield that is on the fly bridge is broken.  Does anyone know where I can buy a new one?
by tvingers at Yesterday, 09:09 AM
My original swim platform was damaged and it will be difficult to repair such that it will look cosmetically acceptable.

Tiara used to, but no longer does, make replacement platforms for non-current models.  Thus I am looking for an aftermarket swim platform for my '07 42 Open.

Anyone been through this or have any recommendations?  Appreciate any feedback.
by Gpersi at 05-31-2023, 04:01 PM
Looking to purchase a 31 open or a 33 open. I live on Long Island and am willing to travel to purchase one. If anyone has any leads on or any advice on what to look for I would appreciate the input. Best Gary  516-972-6720
by Matta0413 at 05-31-2023, 06:55 AM
Have a 2002 31 Open. Went out for a ride the other day and the gauge for my engine battery back was reading 10 volts. Swapped gauges and the problem did not follow the gauge. So the issue is somewhere else. Before I break my butt trying to swap alternators I want to trace the wiring to the gauge. On the back of the gauge there are yellow, blue and one red wire. The red wire is the one that sends the signal to the gauge but when I look at the back of the alternator thee is no red wire so the voltage reading has to be coming from some place else. Is the gauge wired to the voltage regulator? I am thinking I may have a fuse or something that maybe blown as the gauge went from charging to dead in one trip. Thoughts?
by mc307tank at 05-30-2023, 07:23 PM
Second season with my Tiara 3100 Open, I put less than 100 hours on the boat the first full season in 2022 on Lake Erie

How often should the engines get a tune-up? mine had plugs, wires, cap, points ect replaced in the fall before I got the boat in 2021.
How often should the fuel filters be replaced?

Oil change every fall or after 100 hours?

I had the impellers and duck bills replaced last year. What is the interval on impeller replacement? I had the duck bills and impellers replaced in 2022 just because I had no idea when it had been done before.

When or should you ever replace the transmission fluid?
by cp4000 at 05-30-2023, 03:15 PM
Thought I would share a great product.  
Had a water pump fail at WOT and was distracted so missed temp gauge rising.  It was already maxed before the alarm kicked in.  By the time the alarm kicked on, coolant vapor was emitting everywhere.  After replacing the pump, hoses, therm and coolant I found a great product.  It measures the raw water side of the cooling system.  In theory, if I lose another pump, my raw water alarm will go off way before my coolant overheats again.  I put her through  some rough trials to see what the hottest temp I could get the raw water side.  I then set the alarms 10 degrees above that and I feel a whole lot better!  
They come as two large digital displays which mount right on your helm.  You wire up two sensors to your exhaust hoses and set your alarm threshold.  Love it and have a lot more confidence on the water!

NASA Marine Instruments - EX-1 temp sensor / alarm.

Well worth the money and they weren't that expensive.
by Rt31 at 05-29-2023, 05:16 PM

Anyone have an idea where the battery charger is located on 1994 31 open? It is a professional mariner 35 amp. Also, looking for recommendations of what to replace it with.
by at 05-24-2023, 02:07 PM
Two boat bench seats. Came from 31 Tiara. $200 for both. Good shape except back rests which has the fabric just needs new board. Can't seem to post pics here file to large. Email or dm me for tons of photos
by at 05-24-2023, 02:03 PM
12 volts 110 has the tiara logo. Came from a 31'. Tons of pics but can't upload here for some reason. Email me

In west palm beach FL
by minnehahas at 05-24-2023, 12:11 PM
Wife and I are putting thinking about putting contract on 3900 Sovran.  Have to fly to Florida to see the boat.  We have owned a few Sea Ray cruisers.  Well aware of Tiara's benefits.  My question is on the seating in the Sovran area salon and if people feel its adequate.  Boat is in Key Biscayne and haven't see it in person yet.  

1)  Doesn't look like the mid cabin bed is large enough for an adult.
2)  Single settee also looks small.
3)  Anyone have dimensions of either?

Any help from those who own one would be greatly appreciated.  


Please be kind :-)
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