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mechanic has giving me a invoice to replace exhaust .. HOLY SH***T
The guy pulled the risers elbows and the like ... said it took 40 hours labor @ 125 per hr.     I figured a  long day a side if I did it myself and im not a pro.  anyone do this and can give me a idea if this is crazy . TIA
98 coronet xli's
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Unless there were a whole lot of issues, $5,000 is crazy.
I did mine as you said, one day per engine. You should have a discussion and a break down of the costs. You'll be doing this again in 4years if you're in the salt and you need to understand what went wrong.
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I did my own and I bet I could have done them both in one long day. 2 days tops. Unless they pulled all of the exhaust hoses and exhaust elbows and inspected them all. But even then it is only another 4-5 hours.
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mechanic has giving me a invoice to replace exhaust .. HOLY SH***T00