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2002 38 open A/C pump
Did the A/C unit work correctly prior to the pump failure meaning did the A/C unit work or was it broken when you purchased the boat?? Only reason I'm asking is there are A/C controller dip switches which, based on settings will have A/C pump always "ON" once the pump breaker and/or the A/C unit breaker is turned on vice only pumping when the A/C unit is actually cooling/heating. The A/C controller is the box mounted on the A/C unit or near by with the external Passport control panel connected to.. I've seen Tiara's where the pumps are always on and others(like mine) where the pump only comes on when the A/C is cooling/heating. Here's a link to one such controller: See switch settings on page 10 [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
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The A/C unit worked prior to the pump seizing up. Sounds like a lot of wasted wear and tear for these pumps to run constantly. My controller looks a little different than shown. Thanks for the reply
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Was the pump always on or only when cooling/heating?
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Not sure the only time I saw it work was on the sea trial. We knew the pump needed to be replaced but no other issues.
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As a result I would look at the A/C manual to see if you can set via DIP switches or via the Passport I/O programmable display(setting) P-12 and make it only when the A/C unit is cooling or heating.. I have 2 A/C units on my 38 Open and the pump only functions when one or both units call for cooking/heat.. M2C
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Going to look at the manual today. Hopefully I can reprogram
Thanks for the help
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2001 38 open, my pump is under the starboard engine, you need skinny log arms
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