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New Users - Please Read
Put your boat information in your signature:
As  things grow it gets harder to remember everyone's boat model, year,  engine package and home port. I often go to the members profile to  refresh my old brain before replying to a post. So, please take a moment  to click on My Settings and update your profile with your boat  information including model, year, engine type. Don't forget your home  port as well! This helps other members assist with any posts in which  the post may not contain that information. If a new member joins take a  second to tell them to complete their signature with this information.  In the end it just makes it easier for everyone.

Creating posts/threads:
  • Don't start a thread about the same topic twice on the same forum or different forums.
  • Try to stay on topic when making post. If it is going to go off topic start a new thread.
  • Do a search on a topic before starting a new thread.
  • Try to make sure your post goes in the appropriate forum.


Your participation is welcome. Before posting please check in at the Introduce Yourself forum and let us know who you are. Please do not posts links to any services you offer, or solicit forum members in any way to purchase your products or services.

If any of your posts are deemed to be a solicitation of your products or services by our Moderators it will be deleted without notice. Several violations will get you banned.  Company names in signatures are not allowed.

This includes URL's to company websites.

We look forward to your constructive participation.


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New Users - Please Read00