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I've been involved with development and moderation of other forums for hobbies and automative over the years. It can take quite a bit to build traffic when so many makes/models exist in a brand. I myself get frustrated when I have to sift threw forums that are generic to a make instead of focusing on a model or hull. For example many sites do well when they are just focused on one thing, for example

My suggest is to have less sub forums in the site that will get little traffic and focus on developing items by year or hull size. Although I have a 3100 convertible I'd rather be reading only on a forum covering 3100, convertible or from the 80s area. I really don't care about reading posts from a 2007 42 footer worth $500K we have nothing in common!


shawn f.

PS. where is the little check box that tells me how I want updates from my post (immediate, daily, weekly, ect)?
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Thanks for you input, Shawn.

If you have specific ideas on how to layout the addition forums, consolidate the existing forums, I am all ears. Shoot me a PM.

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