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Generator running while on a plane
Let me answer each of your questions as best I can.....
1) One thing of importance to me when cruising long periods is the amount of ICE in the ICE machine when I dock...... Need that ICE and it only operates on 110v... Just kidding.. Have several reasons, especially when its very hot outside and I want to use the "COOL HELM" capability that funnels cabin air (in this case A/C temp air) to the helm... Another reason is when we are traveling the canals in NYS that limit our speed to 10kts and the outside temps are 85+ and my wife wants to make us lunch, a snack, or just a break from the high temp......  Running the Gen maybe overkill in most instances but I do run it when I feel it's needed.
2)I don't turn off anything, AC or DC.... I leave all as is as if we were docked and plugged in...
3)Don't believe there is any risk associated with overcharging the batteries as the system installed as the engine alternators and/or the charger limits charge to the batteries (assuming the systems are working correctly).. I have a 2003 38 Open w/6 GEL Batteries which are the originals as delivered by Tiara.. Keep wondering how long they will last but so far so good... Have tested them periodically..... Believe GEL batteries don't give any warning prior to failure but so far so good..M2C
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bwoods94 (02-13-2017)
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Since I posted this question I have been running with the genset running so I can run the heat. Its been working fine, thanks for the replies.
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