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Tiara Open Location Of My Cabin Air Conditioner and Filter
(04-25-2017, 04:30 PM)Dry Foot-Wet Foot Wrote: Okay A/C located.
As someone had earlier had expressed, it is under/aft of the steps entering the cabin.
Because of space I did't really think it would be there, however, yes, it fits and is there.
Removed 15 screws to get at the baby (two of which were damaged and difficult).
My goal was not only for learning purposes, but also to clean the filter.
No sign of a filter anywhere. Ultimately I decided the previous owner must have "cleaned" the filter by getting rid of it.
I installed a new filter in what seems to be the appropriate place, time will show proof.
When the filter does need to be cleaned I will likely remove the 8 screws it takes to get at it and replace them with thumb screws or hanger bolts and wing nuts.
Is there a return air vent on the steps or at the base of the seating? Sometimes the filter is built into that.

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