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Tiara Open 3200 Open Stereo Amp Location
Can anyone tell me where the stereo amplifier (for the cockpit speakers) is located on a 2006 3200 open? It is the factory Clarion system. I have an issue with bad static in the cockpit only that I suspect is related to the amp or an amp ground. Thanks for the help!

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Its in the cabin behind the wall forward of the steering station. There's four screws holding a wood partition just above the a.c. unit.
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Thank you. Appreciate the help. No I have to decide to tackle now or wait until spring.

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Check the condition of the speakers themselves, often high heat and humidity can destroy the material around the cones as it did in most of my clarions. Also I notice when on shore power and using the tuner for local stations theres alot of static but as soon as I unplug from shore it goes away. Had the same issue with other boats.
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Thanks for the reply. I did replace the speakers already with JL Audio units and “sometimes” it sounds great but sometimes a lot of static. Static is present even on aux input and even when muted. It seems like a bad ground or amp but I’ll check it out. Appreciate everyone’s input.

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Same problem
07 3000. Open
Interested to hear more
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Trying to do the same thing on my 3600. I would assume it was in the same spot. Any pictures?
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Found the amp forward of the helm in the cabin. I needed to remove the back of one of the banquet seats aft. the back had 2 screws securing it behind the seat cushion. This exposed a panel with 8 screws. The amp was behind the panel mounted to the port side wall.
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Thanks everyone. We are in Michigan so won’t be unwrapping the boat for another two weeks. Hopefully will find something obvious when I look. I will post results. Please update with your findings as well. I’m expecting to find a ground or moisture issue or the need to replace the amplifier.

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I replaced my exterior speakers, (only have static on them) sound/ static is much better. Next to be changed is corroded speaker wire at connection to speakers, I will post update
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