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Tiara Open 3200 Open Stereo Amp Location
Update. I located the amp behind the panel (thanks everyone). Removed, cleaned connections and tightened, disconnected and reconnected all connectors , turned upside down and upright again, then reinstalled.

Immediately the static was 100% gone. Still sounds great after 3 weeks. Not sure what it was but I suspect either a loose piece of solder in amp or loose connection causing the issue. Let’s hope it lasts until I’m ready for an upgrade.

Thanks everyone.

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FYI, By accident I toggled the switches on the amp end opposite the wire end and all static from the speakers was gone, so I felt that it was a dirty switch
Next plan is to spray with contact cleaner if it happens again
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(04-10-2019, 09:33 AM)Phil Lane Wrote: I replaced my exterior speakers, (only have static on them) sound/ static is much better. Next to be changed is corroded speaker wire at connection to speakers, I will post update

Sometimes all you need is some tuner contact cleaner and use it below and around the volume knob.  On a Clarion unit remove the rubber volume cover and use the spray straw to get into the space between the knob and the unit, be generous with the spray but don’t go crazy, works like a charm for static.


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