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Scupper Flange Replacement on 2006 3200
Just noticed a crack and missing piece in black external scupper flange on hull side. Looking for help on a couple questions.

Does anyone know a good source for this part ( I will also call Tiara tomorrow)? Can anyone help with replacement tips? Is this a cosmetic piece or does it require rebedding? Thanks for the help.

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It is not cosmetic. You will need to replace the entire scupper, inside and out. I replaced mine two seasons ago. Not a terribly tough job. You will most likely need to break the old ones to get them out. I used APF Marine group. They were half the cost of Tiara and the parts and service were both great. They say you should replace them every 10-15 years or so anyway to make sure there is no moisture getting in.
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Thanks for the reply. I did also talk with Tiara today and they said I was able to replace the flange alone and not disturb the rest of the assembly. They are shipping a part, but based on your comments It sounds like I may need more parts. I’ll be down there this weekend to try and disassemble and see what needs to be done. Thanks again for the response.

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Yours is 4 years newer than mine so i guess that could be if they changed something. When I called them they told me the entire scupper needed to be changed.
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Scupper Flange Replacement on 2006 320000