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Size of Pex

While on vacation last week I developed a leak which I tracked down. The idiot who installed the vacuflush head for the prior owner cut the Pex under the sink and spliced it back together with piece of rubber tubing and a couple of hose clamps. Of course the clamps were loose and started leaking. I want to repaid this the right way and was thinking a SharkBite would be the best way as they is no room to get a crimp tool in there. Does anyone know what size Pex Tiara used in 2002 for fresh water lines?
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On my 2005 it is 15mm PEX. Call the factory with your HIN, and they can check pretty quick for you. Defender in CT has a good supply of PEX fittings and tubing.
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15mm. I used whale brand tubing and fittings on my 2005 2900 coronet. I've been on a few 3100's and it looks the same.
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I did some new plumbing on my 41 and I used the shark bite fittings from Home Depot. Worked great and much less than elsewhere.
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Thanks all. I found the Whale brand. Just ordered.
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