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Tiara Open 3800 Open (‘01) - Actuators for Engine Room Access
My original actuators for lifting helm deck for engine room access seem to be losing some power. I’m concerned that if one dies that the main access to engines (and actuators for replacement) could be lost.  The original actuator on my center windshield panel suddenly died this weekend which has me concerned about the longevity of the original actuators for engine room access.  Any guidance on whether i should replace actuators this winter (as a precaution) is greatly appreciated.  If actuator were to fail, how would anyone get to them to replace them?
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2001 boat, 18 years in a saltwater environment seems like pretty good life
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(09-05-2019, 11:20 AM)OurHighLife Wrote: 2001 boat, 18 years in a saltwater environment seems like pretty good life

Very good.  No complaints.  But it seems like it's time for preventative maintenance (aka, replacement) before my luck runs out and I'm unable to access the engine room...or the actuators themselves for replacement.
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