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C 12 Starting battery issue
I have a 2003 42 Open with Cats C12 715 Hp , does anyone else have a hard time starting without using the paralleling button ?  .The Engine battery are two brand new 8D's  paralleled . Without paralleling with the extra house battery's the starter just seems to drag some , i'm afraid its going to kill the starter .
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I have a 2000 Tiara 41 with 3208 Cats. My port engine will require using the parallel once in awhile when I haven't started it for a couple of weeks. Once I start it, it will work again without the parallel switch.

I looked into getting another starter and just keeping it on the boat in case it crapped out on me but Cat wants $1,000 after you pay the core charge. Kind of expensive for a may never need part.

If it always does it you may be able to pull it off and get a starter shop to rebuild it fairly inexpensively. Stone the commutator, new brushes and springs and a bendix and you should be good to go.
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I just got out of a 43 open with 3196 which is basically the same engines your C12. Pretty much had the same issue with slow rolling of the starters especially when cold. I paralleled every time thinking exactly as you, that all that current would be eating up the starters. Even with parallel and new batteries those things cranked out slow.

I'm guessing a little here but I think the issue relates to the electrical systems being configured at 12v instead of 24v. I dont think Cat offered 12v electrical on anything larger than the C12 so it's probably right on the edge of getting by.

By comparison my 3406 (C15) engines are 24V and instantly light with the touch of the key. No parallel needed. No dragging of the starter.

I would keep the batteries topped off, make it a habit to clean the terminals every season or two and get used to the two handed starting method. Great boat by the way.
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That kinda makes me feel a little better , it still doesn't seem right with the "slow Roll " I would imagine if someone didn't know better they could go through some starters .
I've cleaned connections, checked grounds cables and you're right still have to use the Two hand start method , kinda of irritating but beats replacing starters .
By the way what boat do you have now with the 3406's as power .
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If it makes you feel any better my starters were original equipment from 2001. Boat is still in our club and still has the same starter motors so they are going on 19 years. I'd hate to change one because they look like they weight about 200 pounds.

I moved into a 52 Sovran/5000 express. Great boat with a ton of room and a phenomenal ride in a heavy seaway. I love the boat, my wife even more, however I do miss my 43 Open from time to time. IMO Tiara really got the Opens right, especially the 41, 42 and 43.
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That's a big boat very nice , seen couple of them down our way ,friends of mine have the smaller version a 36' and a 39' Sovran , one with V Drives and one with IPS they both love the boat , only problem is the smaller cockpit so they are always partying in mine ....its a good thing . I moved up from a 01 35' open with 370 Cummins , that was one of the most economical boats to run . Your right the 42 we have now is great , its a beast .
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Captain- On a side note I have a 2004 52 Sovran Salon. Do you happen to know what the cold/hot shut off valves on the water supply manifold control?Perhaps I'll see you on the Chesapeake- my port of call is Bear, DE. Mike
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Let's see they aren't marked..... there are two sides to the manifold: starboard manifold is fed by the aft dockside inlet (top I believe). You may need to trace a line or two but I think the outer cold line/valve feeds the hot water inlet (both tanks)' then day head sink, then head and shower (not sure about the order). Hot water valves are for starboard side hot water tank outlet, day head sink and shower. Port side feed line is from forward dockside inlet (if so equipped) and cold and hot water valves feed transom shower, galley and master head. Somewhere (I think starboard manifold side) is the valve for the windshield washer. The helm wet bar and ice maker valve is in the engine room, starboard side, tee'd into the aft dock side water line.

If you are not sure shut them all off and turn them on one at a time and mark them. Just remember the one cold water valve (startboard side) feeds both hot water tanks. If that is shut none of your hot water valves will do anything.


The 52 has a lot of seating back there which is convenient, but I agree, nothing like having a big open cockpit. Planning to do a lot more cruising next couple of years so having the extra livability will be nice.

Enjoy that 42. C12 is a good setup in that boat.
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You do the same captain ,have a good summer and be safe .
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