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Tiara 3500 overland. Transport
Has anyone hauled a 3500 open from fla to boston ma overland? Need a hydraulic trailer to unload on my jack stands in MA Also are 2001 hulls below the water line cored or solid? Any recommendations greatly appreciated!
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I can tell you they are solid below the waterline. Have you tried u-ship?
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Probably cheaper to run it up. With the 13' beam it gets really pricey since many areas require an escort vehicle and may limit the time of day you can travel.
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I would guess $7-$10K to have it shipped and would think it well worth it even if you come in over that. By the time you factor in 1500 miles of fuel, overnights, wear and tear and maintenance it's going to add up. On the other hand if you are looking for a great cruise and have time to make the trip, why not?
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I had a 35" open shipped from Charleston SC to Michigan in 2006 and it cost $2,800 and in 2017 I shipped a 38' open from Naples FL to Michigan and it was $8,000.  I had some cheaper quotes but went with company that I thought would take the best care of my boat.  If you have it shipped shrink wrap it and try and have it loaded bow forward.  If you shop it you might be able to catch a trucker coming north empty and save some money.  Also, even though the prices are up there is no way to drive the boat home cheaper then shipping it.  You only want to do that for the adventure.  Good Luck Tom
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