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garmin autopilot
have (2) 12 inch garmin 7612 head units, for sum reason the previous owner installed a simrad auto pilot??? any clue as to approx cost $$$ to swith over to garmin autopilot so i can just steer off the display head?? is it a big job for installation?thanks
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They probably did the same thing I did when I upgraded my electronics. Everything is Garmin but my autopilot is still the Raymarine. I replaced everything else with new because it was all old and slow, except the autopilot. Yea it is old but still works perfect. No, it won't hook into the Garmins and run off them but it will still hold a course. I spent right at $25k on new everything and just didn't want to spend another $3k on anything else.

I may upgrade one day if the Raymarine fails but until then I am keeping it.
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I have an older Simrad AP. It works awesome and I wont give it up until I absolutely need to.

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I believe Garmin autopilots use a proprietary pump which would mean you can't reuse your existing pump. By the time you buy cables, tee's, wiring and fittings the parts will probably cost around $4,500 or so. If you are comfortable with marine wiring, N2K networking and hydraulic fittings, installation is pretty straight forward. Garmin has some decent videos that show how to install step by step. Location of compass is important for AP to operate correctly.

I would guess an installer would have the job done in a day and it may well be worth it in the long run. It is after all tied into the steering hydraulics. Anyone who has had it happen will tell you that loosing steering is no fun. And it usually happens at the worse possible time.
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I'm not sure what your problem is as I have a SIMRAD Autopilot (AP21) integrated to a Garmin 7612. Waypoint data is transferred to the autopilot when using the autopilot in "NAV" mode. "NAV" mode accepts waypoint data from the Garmin 7612 that is provided when a waypoint is selected or a route is run on the Garmin. When using a route on the Garmin sequential waypoint data is sent to the autopilot when a waypoint change occurs on the Garmin. Integration w/SIMRAD autopilot was accomplished using NMEA 183 output data from the Garmin to the SIMRAD Autopilot. M2C.
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Here’s the package I have on my 38 Open. Works great trolling for salmon on Lake Michigan.

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2006 Tiara 3800 Open with Cummins 8.3 QSC's
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Reel Magic, I have a Raymarine ST 8001 and it has the hookup for their seatalk on the back. I haven't figured out (or actually tried very hard) to make it work with my Garmin. I am sure I could somehow hook it up by splicing the NMEA 0183 cable and the seatalk cable together, but It works well for what I do so it hasn't been important.
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I'm not sure if the Garmin output data that is NMEA 183 (formatted) can talk to a Raymarine autopilot that utilizes Raymarine's Sea Talk (format) as Seatalk is a proprietary format that was developed by Raymarine.  You would have to see if NMEA 183 formatted data can be understood by Sea Talk. I don't believe it can but I could be wrong... Would investigate if your Raymarine Autopilot can receive NMEA 183  formatted data.. M2C
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