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Tiara Open AC Question
Hello fellow boaters ,
I just purchased a 3100 open -2003 late last year . so still trying to figure it all out. theres lots more to it than my old searay.
Anyway, can someone tell me ..when  my AC unit is running it does not always pump water is that normal? or do I have a problem?
Thanks for any feed back.
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Your pump should be running when your compressor is running. Typical cycle is the fan kicks on, determines heat/cooling is required. If so, the water pump is activated. Once water flow is detected, the compressor will kick on.

So I suspect everything is normal.

On older units, the water pump ran continuously.

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I have 2 A/C units on my 38 Open and had 1 unit on my previously owned 1997 31 Open.. When ever the A/C unit comes on, for heat or cooling, the A/C pump starts and stays on till the unit shuts off (temp reaches set point)... M2C
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Is it just the circulation fan that is running or is the compressor on? My AC fan runs all the time but circulates water only when the compressor kick on, which is normal. You can adjust the fan to run continuously or just when the compressor turns on.
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Assuming you have a MarineAir unit if compressor is running with no water flow the display will flash "HHH" for high head pressure and the compressor will shutdown (no cool or heat). Previous posts are correct in that unless configured differently, fan remains on to constantly circulate air.
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