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Tiara Open Volvo Penta Coolant Pumps
I am in Australia and have a 2005 Tiara 3200 Open and apparently the coolant pumps have started to leak. There are none in Australia and I am being told they would be about $1059 each plus tax and freight to source from USA. Freight is about $120 on top. ( This is Australian dollars ) Has anyone replaced them recently and have an idea on what they would be to buy over there if I were to try and source them myself ? Any help appreciated.

Engines are Volvo Penta D6-310I-A and the part numbers I have been given are 2 x VP22577750 Volvo Penta Coolant Pumps. If I can source them myself at a better price, the mechanic is happy to fit them for me but that is what he is getting from the agent here.

Of course they have recommended all the coolant hoses be changed as well but they are available here and about AUD $177 + tax here which is not as painful.
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If you don't get an answer here hop on over to and you will probably get lots of good feedback and recommendations.
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(03-23-2020, 09:28 PM)Orkun Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

Contact these guys here in California. Tell them bigboatben from silver seas yachts sent you and they’ll take good care of you. When are your freshwater cooling system either flushed or removed and boiled out? If it’s been 5 years do that to before for running your new pumps. If you have to much back pressure in the raw water side of your freshwater cooling system you’re going end up with two new leaking pumps in short order.


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