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Tiara Sovran Galley Faucet
Ok ponder me this.... 

freshwater at galley sink faucet has very poor flow.  All other taps are flowing great.  Any ideas?
Capt. Brett M. Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain 

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Clean the screen at the faucet head?

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I had the exact problem nothing worked including cleaning the screen I completely disassembled it looked fine,reassembled same problem went to west marine found almost the direct replacement same manufacture works perfect the faucet has calcium built up inside you can't see it
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I replaced mine on a 2006 Sovran 36. Bought the new exact replacement from Defender Marine and less than West Marine
36 Sovran, Cummins QSC
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Had the same problem even after cleaning. Found the exact replacement (detachable sprayer with chrome finish) at home improvement store marketed as laundry tub faucet. Much less expensive and looks/works fantastic. Also available on Amazon as laundry tub faucet. Good luck.

(Should have included this was for a 2006 3200, so likely same fixture. )

Look for Vetta utility sink sprayer.
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my 2006 Sovran had an inline water filter after the one on the tank but before the faucet. that thing was always clogging up. it was a PIA to change so I just took it out. The faucet head the same thing. it seems easier to just replace, mine came from Amazon I believe.
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