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AC duct issue in 88' 3100
As I attempt to go through my recently acquired boat, I noticed the louvre for the AC output, which is mounted forward on the top shelf behind the settee, was displaced. When I went to pop it back in, I found the AC duct had become disconnected from the plenum. It appears to have been held on by  a heavy duty tie wrap. When I went to reconnect it, I found that due to a speaker that was installed by the previous owner, the duct could no longer be mated to the plenum. The area was now too crowded and the factory ductwork was not sufficiently long enough or pliable enough to work it around the speaker and back up to the plenum.

Is there a flexible 12-18" oval extension that I could use to bridge the two? Any ideas or suggestions welcome.
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Sold by the foot....

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Thanks, I appreciate the effort but the ducting is oval 3" X 7 1/4"---proving tough to find

I have turned up a couple of 7" flat oval elbows which I could use---probably---but I was hoping to just find a length of flexible oval hose so it doesn't look kluged. No one will see it---but I will always know it's there

I'll try calling a couple of marine AC installers tomorrow. Someone must have this
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Hard to visualize what you need but I have used this site to get hard to find plenum and duct supplies.

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Learned a new lesson today. The very stiff 7" oval end of the AC ductwork started life as a 6" round duct and was shaped to conform by Tiara. I was able to buy 6" flex duct at Home Depot , cut off a section and mate it to the OEM duct. At the oval flange, the flex duct easily conformed to the oval shape. Duh!

Thanks for trying to lead me there---I just had it stuck in my head I needed oval ducting.
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AC duct issue in 88' 310000