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2900 Coronet on a Trailer?
Does anyone have a 2900 Coronet on a trailer so that they could tell me how far apart I should space my trailer bunks.  Or even a picture of the bottom of the boat.  I have a fully adjustable aluminum trailer, but since the 2900 I purchased is in the water, I can't measure to setup the trailer bunks.  Any help would be greatly appreciate.  Troy/MN
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Your best bet might be to take the trailer and boat to a marina with a crane and have them lower and adjust the first time. Takes the guesswork out of it and it will cost less than if you make a mistake. Just a suggestion.

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not really affordable at my inland lake. Was hoping someone had one on a trailer in this forum.
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Find where your thru-hull intakes and transducers are inside the boat and adjust the bunks accordingly. Just going from someone else's setup would be risky as the transducers are often a dealer installed item and location will vary greatly, as will any options such as livewell pickups.
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