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Tiara Coronet How to diagnose fix Jabsco electric toilet head not working
2003 Tiara 2900 Coronet

Jabsco Electric Toilet Conversion 29200-0120

Electric Toilet was working, then not. Angry
When I turn the round handle on the top right or left there is no noise but the light in the head dims slightly so I think it is getting volts.

Anyone have one similar that they have fixed? What to check first?

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Sounds like something is stuck in the impeller. Somebody put something bown the toilet. Did you have a new to boating female on board?

Try and plung the toilet. That will sometimes get it loose. Otherwise don some gloves, put a clothes pin on your nose and start taking the pump off. Your gonna have to do it the hard way.
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Misdirection (08-26-2020)
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Yes, we did, not new to boating, but new to having a toilet on a boat.

I plunged it pretty dang good today, but that didn't help.

Watched some videos on how to rebuild the Jabsco electric toilet. It looks messy and not too difficult.
Question 1: There are 2 impellers. Could the fins have worn off and blocked the system from spinning at all?

Question 2: The boat is in a lift on a lake out of the water. Do I need to have it in the water for the toilet to work while I'm testing it? I'm guessing yes.

I will take it out and inspect tomorrow w rubber gloves and hopefully unplug it.
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If the system pulled water from under the hull you need it in the water. Usually they pull from the fresh water tank. Make sure the tank has water and the pumps are on.

Heads on boats are problematic at best and will clog with damn near anything. I really don't know why they can't make one that works.
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I got the Jabsco 29200-0120 electric flush mechanism out of the boat, there was just a small bit of paper in the macerator and the impeller. Took it apart cleaned it up, the impellers both look good they look almost new. There was crud on the fins of the macerator impeller, cleaned that all off and put back together and reinstalled in boat. It worked for a bit then stopped again. Dang.

Took it out again (getting fast at that). More investigation. Hooked up to a battery in the garage and it stops spinning once I tightened the 4 long screws that attach the macerator impeller housing to the body. If I backed the screws off 1 or 2 turns then it must allow more room above the impeller and the impeller spins nice again.

I read the Jabsco manual and it says to put petroleum jelly inside the macerator housing and on the impeller shaft. Did that (make sure to use just a very light coating of jelly) I put some on the plate above the impeller also. After lubricating it spins good even when tightened all the way up.

Installed it a 2nd time back into the boat. Primed it with fresh water. I traced the hose from the Jabsco inlet and it get its water from a seacock in the hull of the boat. I made sure that was turned on. It flushed OK and added water to the bowl, but then it stops after a few flushes and blows the HEAD breaker located under the steering wheel right side. If I push the breaker it will flush and work again and fill the bowl, but will pop the breaker after 2 or 3 flushes in a row.

Anyone experience the head breaker popping often?

Learning way more about marine toilets than I thought I would.
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Had the same issue earlier this spring. First remove the in line fuse and clean the contact ends. It is possible that the supply wire is not large enough since the motor requires 25 amps, unlikely since it was working previously.
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I agree with the above. If that doesn't fix it the motor is bad. Probably worn bushings on the armature and when they heat up start binding.
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