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Engine Water Pump Leak
I just discovered a small leak/drip behind the pulley of my 1988 Crusader Engine.  Its dripping on the belt and making a slight water stream shooting at the other engine.  I will definitely get addressed with a mechanic but wondering how serious it is in short term.  Reason I ask is that I had a camping trip planned for weeks to cross Catalina Channel in SoCal.  I have run the boat for an entire day after discovering the leak without incident, but a little nervous about the 24mile trek to the island with this issue.

Any experience, advice or information is greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys!!

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First thing to check are the hose clamps to make sure their tight and not leaking. Once that is ruled out, if the water pump seal fails, there is a weep hole the water comes out. That's likely the source of your problem. The issue with running with it that way is if the belt gets too wet, it can start to slip. Water pumps aren't very expensive to replace. But I dont have any experience on running with a bad one to tell you if a 24 mile trek is doable or not.

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Hi Max,

All that salt water hitting hot engine parts will evaporate leaving the salt all over your engine parts. It will quickly start causing damage. I would get that fixed asap following which I'd be inclined to wash the engine and spray with some WD or similar.
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All the above Plus with it setting the past week or so the salt is in the WP bearings now. They WILL Seize up. Once that happens you get no flow and the belt will come off as well stopping all flow through the impeller and no alternator.

Don't do it. You will not like the consequences.
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