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Tiara Open Forward or Mid bilge pump?
Two questions, First is I'm looking for advise on how to reach and then change out the forward bilge pump on my 2006 2900 open. This is the Rule 500 gpm pump that checks for water every 2-1/2 minutes located forward of the engine room bulkhead, under the stairs, in the same compartment as the shower pump. 
It looks as though even if the stairs were removed it would be almost impossible to reach the locking tabs in order to release the motor from the base. I did check the circuit breaker under the step and it seems to be ok but i will double check next time i'm on the boat.

Second question is i'd like to confirm if the engine room bilge pump  is called the Mid bilge? I turned the manual helm switch on but didn't hear it run. The dash indicator light came on but a few seconds later i heard a pop noise like a breaker tripped but i don't see where the breaker is located. The pop noise came from the area of the cabin steps.

Thank you
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cut a 4 inch port in the floor under the stairs with a hole saw you can buy the port access panel at any marine store then you can get to it easy Threw the deck plate
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You have a circuit breaker for that pump. Mine is under the stairs on the DC un-switched distribution panel for the automatic portion of the pump. Did the power to the pump go off after you heard the POP? You should also have a breaker for the switched portion. It can be under the stairs too or it is one of the breakers on the helm.
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Yes mid bilge is the engine room.
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