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Tiara Sovran New Tiara owner
Purchase a 2008 Tiara Sovran 3900 and love it. Only thing is there seems to be a good amount of repairs on a 2008.

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Congratulations on the new boat and welcome to the forum.
Only thing I can say is its a boat. The bigger the boat, the more maintenance.
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Not sure if I understand your statement regarding "a good amount of repairs on a 2008 Tiara". Can you explain what you meant? Assume you had the boat surveyed prior to purchase and it surveyed good or are you stating you now are experiencing significant amount of repairs?
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I had the boat surveyed and the survey was good with a couple of fixes that the seller repaired. But within a month after purchase I’ve had a lot of issues with repairs.

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What kind of repairs? I own a 2003 Open w/6CTA Cummin's (~1200 hrs) and have what I consider little maintenance other than normal oil & fuel filter changes. To sum it up I've changed 1 alternator, raw water pumps (2 engines+generator), & Hot water heater.. That's it... I do all my own maintenance or have been able do to so at this point.
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Replaced the windlass, replace AC unit, replace waste water pump, one alternator and looking at a $10,000 or more engine repair for an oil leak. All in 8 weeks of getting the boat. Don’t know what will pop up next.

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