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Tiara Sovran 4700
Looking at a 2006 4700 Sovran- Cummins QSM-11 660 and also 2014 Coupe; I am partial to shaft drive. Anything I need to know or look for?  Current Viking Convertible owner and looking for an express now.  
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those engines have an issue with aftercoolers.
Make sure they are cleaned. Get a surveyor.

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JPC (12-31-2020)
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The M-11 is a very good engine. There is a problem that can surface relating to the dry exhaust manifold. If engines are run hard or over-loaded manifolds can warp and leak. Soot gets pulled back into intake system plugging up filters and sometimes aftercooler. Tiara tends to prop boats correctly but still something a competent engine surveyor should look at. From what I know the 47 is a really good boat. Don't know much about the coupes. You will be happy going Tiara.
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JPC (12-31-2020)
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A 2014 Coupe is Volvo IPS pod drive. Great boat and a pleasure to run, but noticed you preferred shaft boats
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