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Tiara Open Installing New Radar
Frown Ok, I am trying to install a new Garmin Radar to replace the old Raymarine radar. The problem is the old very thick wire from the Raymarine will not pull out. I notice there seems to be only one small hole that comes from the arch to  the gunwales. That's where the old wire comes through. No matter what I tried I could not pull it out from either way. Now of course I can't get the New Garmin wires through the radar arch. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was your answer to fix it or get around this. Any and all help would be most appreciated as I am beyond the frustration point. Bang Head Thank you in advance to any help whatsoever! Smile
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Had the same issue. Ended up cutting the cable a couple feet from the access hole at the base of the arch (coming from dash). Smeared a bunch of cable lube on the remaining cable and pushed from bottom while someone else pulled from top. If you just pull from either direction the cable will want to bind on the corner. At least that was one of the problems I had.

Don't forget to tie a chase string to the old cable end so you can pull new wire. Should be a much smaller diameter cable on new radar. Best of luck
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jclark003, thank you so much. I pulled very hard at the access hold which was very difficult to do through the access on the starboard side, and I'm sure you would know. But, I didn't think about getting someone else to help on the other end. I couldn't budge the wire at the middle top of the arch whatsoever. You're right about the Garmin wires being smaller but there is two of them. I will get my son to help and see if your idea will work for us as well. I even thought about cutting a large access into the arch itself and then have a door so to speak. Since I am going to completely refinish the arch I could mask the hatch to that access, or so I would hope. I also thought about hiding the cables on top under the Bimini top, but once I get to the side windows I'm lost as what to do. I have had and worked on a huge amount of boats, but this one has frustrated me the most so far.
Anyway, thank you again for your help.
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If you pulled hard from one end it's possible the cable is bound in the corner radius of the arch. If I remember correctly it the channel narrows the closer you get to the corner. If the cable is lodged in there you may need to reach in there with a cutoff broom handle or something to pry it out of the corner. Once done have your son gently pull from the top while you feed the cable from the bottom. If you can get several feet of slack moved up the arch with cable lube you should be home free. Cut the cable and pull the rest through.
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Thank you again for your suggestions. I am taking a break until I can get my son to help. I will use your ideas for sure. It's really the first time I have felt clueless on something like this. I love this website and all the help one can get. We sold our Kadey Krogen which we traveled and live on for a while and I joined their Owners club during that time as well. Now that I'm back on Lake Michigan, it's Tiara and fishing for the rest of my life.
Thank you so much again.

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I'm having the same problem with my 1996 3300.  I have my Furuno cable and two radio antenna cables all going through the same extremely small hole at the gunwale.  It appears that the radar arch has a tube as part of the construction and the cables must pass through that tube.  I was going to pull my signal cable out and send it back to Furuno to get it repaired but I'm not sure that's even feasible at this point.  I may have to leave it for dead and pull it out from the top of the arch with a tie line to it, then get an all new radar system.  Really sucks.
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