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What to Look For in a 35 (late '90s/early 00s)
I am in the market for a used 35 Tiara and the ones I am seeking popping up at late 90s models (at least the ones in my price range).  Are there any common problems I should pay particular attention to when I perform inspection/survey?  I have three small kids and I love to fish, so I just can't bring my self to go the Sea Ray route (although they are much cheaper).  I had a 23 foot Striper I/O for several years so inboards are new to me.  Thanks for any help.
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Are you looking diesel or gas? I have owned my 2000 35 Open for 11 years now so I can give you many things to look for on these boats. I have diesels so don't want to post stuff about them if you are looking gas.
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I will chime in on this as we just put a 3500 Open under contract and are SUPER excited to get a favorable survey and take her home. We have been searching for our next boat since last summer when we sold our Sea Ray and of all the boats we looked at (there were a LOT) the Tiara checked off the most boxes, diesels being one of the biggest requirements! I'm interested to hear any good/bad things you anyone has to say about them, I'm all ears!
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They are great boats, solid and well built for the most part. BUT, it would be wise to check all the above waterline thru holes and at least mine are not sealed from factory and may allow water intrusion. With a boat this age, there are always going to be things to look for and need maintenance. It really is going to come down to how well the previous owner(s) took care of her. Things will add up quick if maintenance was not done.

Ground wires behind the helm are another thing that is annoying. Again, 20 yr old boat so hard to blame manufacturer but spade connections behind the helm are constantly loose and causing issues like bouncing gauges or false alarms. This year I am going to rewire most if not all of the helm, not looking forward to that at all as it may take quite a substantial amount of time but it is something I want to do. But as I said before, ground issues on a 20yr old boat is not all that unexpected I don't think. Things wear, and need repairing/replacing.

If you have any additional questions, just ask.
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There is no real flaws to boat, just needs general maintenance. I have gas and it runs great, so a good gas or diesel would work.
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