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How to tell fuel pump needs attn? Cost?
Dear Sages

Trusted mechanic was onboard recently for coolant sensor issue, repaired. Recommended work on port fuel pump. The thing is, I don't notice anything unusual. He said he saw some tells. Wondering your experience with this and pricing. Proposal here: Engine/Trans Hrs P/SCummins 6CTA 8.3L

item Description Qty Rate Amount
LABOR -Labor to Remove & 1 1,500.00 1,500.00
Reinstall Port engine
Injection Pump and all 6
injectors and Take to
Injection Shop for
-Sea trial vessel after
service is finished
PARTS COST FOR BASIC REBUILD, 1 2,500.00 2,500.00T

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PS proposal continued, sorry:

SubTotal: $4,990.00

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If you don't get an answer here post over on A lot of good/professional mechanics with a wealth of experience. Price doesn't sound crazy but not sure what is driving the need for an injection pump. May need to ask you mechanic to be more specific.
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robin.joshua (01-30-2021)
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He may have noticed some fuel under it in a valley or something like that. I had an injector pump going out on my 41 with 3208 Cats. There was a small amount of fuel sitting under it, nothing more than a drip or two but it was starting to leak. It's best to catch things like that prior to big problems cropping up. If the pump starts leaking and looses some pressure it will effect the injectors as well. They require a certain amount of pressure to work correctly or they start destroying themselves internally.
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robin.joshua (01-30-2021)
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How to tell fuel pump needs attn? Cost?00