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put about a 5inch by 4 inch scratch,then a 2nd small scratch right by it, half the size,  al the way down to the fiberglass, i have a blue hull, where i am it is next to impossible to even get sumone out to look at it let alone repair it, i was told $4200 to repair it , is that in ballpark? i have never had fiberglass work done before, thanks.....
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Sounds a little high but not by much. That is providing however that the job is done flawlessly. A blue hull will show defects and sub par fiberglass work quite clearly. Not sure about Ludington but I would be talking to MEYR in Holland or if you don’t want to go that far, Chris McGreevy in Grand Haven. If you call Tiara they will know of both shops or maybe can steer you to someone else up your way. With spring launch coming up I suspect you won’t get it repaired right away. If above waterline you might close it up with some putty or filler so as to avoid getting any moisture into the coring. Mix a little blue awlgrip or whatever into the filler to help blend color. Good luck.
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thank you for the advice, much appreciated, thanks again
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