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Surveying a 2003 35 Open
You will probably break it getting out. Make sure you have an exact replacement before starting. The exposed core in this part of the hull is 3/4" to an inch thick. It needs to be bone dry. We used a router to take a very thin layer of wood off. That area was then soaked with resin. After curing, the new fitting went in 4200.
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Why would you install plastic fittings when stainless are available at reasonable prices? UV light just destroys plastic.
Jus' wondrin' . Capt George
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(04-15-2017, 07:13 PM)Uhehner Wrote: Why would you install  plastic fittings when stainless are  available at reasonable prices?  UV light just destroys plastic.
Jus' wondrin' .   Capt George

I'm not sure a stainless fitting exists for the scupper. Tiara used black plastic fittings that blend in with the boot stripe. is replacing like for like plus it looks good. As far as the other through hulls, it really is a decision you would make on the basis of looks and durability. We replaced ours with plastic fittings that were painted with Imron to match the hull color. They look better than stainless in my view and the paint protects them from UV failure. Which ever you decide to use, it is important to check for moisture and make sure the install is done after the balsa core has been dried out and the area protected with epoxy prior to reinstalling the fittings. I have heard about several Tiaras in this area having wet cores where through hulls had been improperly installed by the factory. It is dissappointing to see this from a high end builder, and is an issue that merits review if own a Tiara or plan to purchase one.
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Recently did a survey on a 38 open. "Elevated moisture readings on starboard side aft quarter to midships, port side elevated moisture readings around engine room vent, Forepeak elevated moisture readings around windless & foot switches, transom elevated moisture readings around stern light & on lower transom."
Surveyor estimates cost of these repairs $15-$25K. Plus there were various other items not working, pumps, frozen seacocks, etc., surveyor estimates $10-20K additional.
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(04-12-2017, 08:47 PM)drifter Wrote: I think I am due for the scupper repair.  How to remove the old one, can it be pried off or does it come off in pieces?

It comes off in pieces. Make sure you have the replacements in hand before you start the job. Did mine 3 years ago and the parts came from Tiara. Most mportant part of the job is drying things out. Then epoxy; then install new parts. Took about 4 weeks to dry mine out in 50 degree heated storage. Tented the area with plastic and blew warm air over the drying holes.
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