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2002 38 Open Macerator
This is not an urgent request but I would really appreciate it if someone with a Sea Land macerator and overboard discharge valve would take some pictures of where all the parts and hoses are located.

My boat came from fresh water so it was not equipped at the factory. I frequently cruse offshore and plan on adding the system at the next bottom job.

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Not sure if this will help but here goes. The macerator/waste discharge system is plumbed as follows: (1) forward of the waste  tank is the hose going to the deck pump out fitting. In that hose  a "Y" valve is installed such that it allows discharge to the deck or the a hose going to the "sludge" pump/overboard discharge. (2) The "sludge" pump is located in the engine room, starboard side aft of the 50 amp Glendenning barrel ( on the shelf). (3) The hose then goes aft and can be seen by removing the starboard side/small fish well. When removed there is an over board thru hull valve allowing discharge. (4) power switch to turn pump on is located under the steps on the main 12v power panel... Hope this helps
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One thing I'll add to this in case anyone is looking at this in the future: on my 2003 3800 open, there is a 12v interlock switch on the thru-hull valve that prevents the discharge pump from operating unless the seacock is open. Good design.
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I agree w/pswired in that there is an interlock switch on the thru-hull valve. Mine failed several years ago and I got a new switch and installed it... Need to be aware if the Macerator doesn't work it may be a faulty interlock switch.. In my case the switch although water proof somehow corroded and failed. M2C
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