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Water leak under exhaust outlet.
Hi again everyone,
Replaced my aft bilge pump and float this weekend and while down there, noticed a puddle under my STBD exhaust outlet.  (Where fiberglass exhaust tube meets the hull.)  Felt around the area and didn't notice anything soft.  Wiped my hand across the hull just underneath the outlet and it seemed to be some slow seepage coming in.  PORT is dry.  Has anyone else had this issue?  How extensive is the fix?  

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probably rudder packing, check the nut and see if there is any water
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Hi Neto,
The leak is where the fiberglass exhaust attaches to the side of the hull.  Just below that joint seems to be leaking.  It is well above the rudder.  Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how bad was the repair?
Thanks guys and stay safe!
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Update on the exhaust water leak...
Sent some pictures into Centerpointe Marine as they have some experienced mechanics on older Tiaras. He had me pull off the fiberglass exhaust cap, clean all the old sealant off and then it was apparent where the water was coming through. I thought the exhaust tube and the hull were one solid piece. The fiberglass exhaust tube is installed into a hole in the hull, then sealed on the outside and glassed over from the inside. Cleaned it down to the gelcoat and resealed it up with 3M4200 and he claims it should last another 20 years!
Really appreciated the help from those guys, hope this helps others...
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