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AC Install Worth It?
I have decided to move ahead with the purchase of a 29 Tiara Coronet.  The small cabin does not have AC.  Is it worth it to install a self-contained marine AC Unit; or just go with a portable AC Unit or some kind?
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If you are hot, install the A/C.

Nothing in your profile or post says where you are, BTW.
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Misdirection (09-09-2021)
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If you are going to sleep on your boat, install AC. It just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Go look at a similar boat to yours that has it installed to get ideas of where to place it.

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Not sure where you are but I am in FL and have had A/C on everything from a 28' cuddy to my current 50'. I can't imagine not having it.
If you stay on your boat, put it in. Definitely worth the $.
Sans Peur 2003 Tiara 50 Open
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Thanks.  The boat will be on Lake Erie -- definitely gets hot in the summer.  I will likely go ahead with installing a self-contained AC Unit.  Seems like on the Coronet, this is usually placed under the stair leading into the cabin.
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I'm also on Lake Erie (Ashtabula). You definitely need AC here. I had to replace mine as it failed at the very end of July. New one was backordered and August was miserable on the boat. Replacement is now installed and life is good again.

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