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Tiara Open 2003, 3100 open Aluminum arch.
My 3100 open has the aluminum arch.  Since I have Radar I know there is a cable running through the arch and is probably on the starborad side.  

Has anyone ever tried to run another cable up through the arch?  Im not even sure where in the engine space would the opening be.

I'm tiered of replacing electric horns and want to run a 1/4 plastic tube up thru the arch for an air horn.

If any one has any experiance running wire, cable or a tubing I would love to hear of your experiance.

Al Smile
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If it's a tubular frame with a little plate on top for the radar, you can fish tape all the way through to behind the gunwale where it's attached to the side of the boat. My 1986 3100 had a couple of holes in the bottom of the arch for access.
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When we need to fish wire thru electrical conduit, we tie a piece of cotten to a string and feed it thru one end and use a high powered shop vac on the other to "suck" it thru. If you find access points, maybe you can try that as well.

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When I pulled the access covers off on the arch and I took out the drink holder next to the captains seat I found a piece of pull cord in there. Don't know who put it there but it is very handy.
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