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Tiara 3500 Express
When connected to dock shore power, does a Tiara 3500 Express need both shore power connections plugged in to get adequate power for all the boat's AC power needs?
If so, why isn't one shore power cable connection with 30 amp 130 volt power enough?
Are the shore power connections going to all the same 120 volt AC equipment, or does one go to air conditioners and the other shore power connection go to things like tv and stove?
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It depends on how your boat is setup. If you have 2 30 amp shore power connections and two separate "sides" on your electric panel with two different 120v meters, then yes both need supplied power. Sometimes you can run a splitter and run everything off of one connection.

Boats are often configured to require 2 30 amp services should everthing need powered simultaneously. For example, hot water tank, two ac units, fridge, ice maker, tv, and microwave all concurrent are probably in excess of 30 amps.

Many can and do run a splitter and live with in 30 amps.

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