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Paint for Through Hulls
Hs anyone been able to find a paint that sticks to the through hull's? I have tried 2 times with the Rustoleum paint for plastic but it just doesn't stick.
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I use my bottom paint, Pettit Ultra SR 40 to paint the bottom as well as all through hull fittings but NOT the through hull transducers..
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I use Awlgrip for thru hulls that sit above the bottom paint. provides a high quality finish near color matched to the hull sides and boot stripe. Scuff them with a scotchbrite pad, then self-etching primer (for metal fittings) followed by topcoat. Regular Awlgrip can be brushed (using proper converter and reducer) or sprayed. It will stick to plastic as long as you get the shine off the plastic. I use a 260 grit wet paper and have had good results.

Good luck
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Thanks for the replies
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