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GG Schmidt
Last year I ordered new porthole screens and gaskets through Tiara. They were able to source them when GG Schmidt had stopped selling retail. When I went to install them this spring, I got the wrong seals. 

I’m working with Tiara to square this away, I’ve learned GG Schmidt was apparently sold and lost a lot of institutional knowledge. Therefore, Tiara is struggling with them right now. 

Just updating everyone on an issue that is raised regularly.
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You'll pay less than 1/2 if you go direct w/GG Schmidt. I found them very very easy to work with directly. Quote from Tiara was ~$450/window + 12 weeks. Direct was ~$220/window + 2 days. Maybe Tiara is the problem in this equation...just sharing my two cents.
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And you did the entire window, right?
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yes but I would bet they'd sell you the parts as well. Definitely worth a shot.
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