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Tiara Open change tran fluid and filter on hurth
need to change fluid and filters on hurth transmissions on 2004 29 open.   any suggestions or advice before i start....seems pretty straight forward.

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Pretty straightforward…remove old fluid, replace filter, refill.

You’ll have to make a decision on how to extract the old. You have the choice of using the drain and trying to catch it all or just suck it out of the top. Unless the boat is relatively new and you’re in fresh water, the drain plug will probably be hard to remove. So it’s easier to just get an extractor pump and suck it out through the dipstick.
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With my Borg Warners I would extract the fluid out of the tranny into a marked container so I would know how much fluid was removed. Makes refilling much quicker. Also, don't necessarily expect the same amount of fluid in two transmissions sitting side by side in identical engines. Bob
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Like a mechanic buddy of mine used to say…just because they’re the same doesn’t mean they’re identical.
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