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Wiper Motor removal

Found my wiper not working at commissioning. Checked the switch with a volt meter & seems to be working ok. I'm trying to take off the wiper motor to check the wires there (probably need to replace I'm guessing). I have the wiper arm off & removed the nut, gasket & everything else I could see. The motor doesn't want to come off. I can turn the motor about 1/2" & the splined portion of the shaft will rotate, but not the threaded portion. I tapped it (not too hard) with a rubber mallet but no luck.

Do I just need to use more force? Worried about the windshield! Thanks.
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Soak it in PB Blaster or some other antiseize. After it sits use a bigger hammer. Make sure to support the back side of the frame so it doesnt flex.
Dissimilar metals touching each other, especially in a marine environment, will seize up everytime.
Sans Peur 2003 Tiara 50 Open
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There are a few posts over on The Hull Truth about removing one on a Rampage. That person ended up using a cut off wheel and cutting the post sticking out.

I agree with the PB Blaster, but be careful not to cause any damage using force to remove it.

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I just replaced my wiper motor and same exact problem...just need some anti-seize and go after it, carefully.
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