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Breaker Amperage
Older 31, how to determine amperage of the DC breakers. Looking to add LED engine room lights and need to know what the breaker will handle.

Thanks for the help!
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Do you hace the manual.for.the boat? It them in that. If not, you are going to have to open the panel.and look on the breaker. There will be a sticker on each of them telling you the size.
Sans Peur 2003 Tiara 50 Open
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As LED lights don't use a lot of current (amperage) I'd suspect 5 amps would more than cover it. How many LED lights are you going to install and what are the spec's regarding the lights (amperage). If the total draw is more than 5 amps Id go bigger. Also are you planning to connect other DC devices to the circuit... MAke sure the breaker covers all.... M2C
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Thanks for the responses. I am sure you are correct that I have to pull the breaker to determine amperage, hoped it would say on the back.
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The breakers are there to protect the wires, not the devices. The breaker should be sized based on the wire gauge and type.
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