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Tiara Open New member, pre buy advice
Im a Florida west coast boater new to the forum. Outgrown the old Shamrock and wanting to move up. Thinking about 32 open or 36 open in mid to late 2000’s vintage. Looks like they're either QSB 5.9’s or D6. Is there a consensus on which engine is better from maintenance and longevity standpoint? Im not terribly familiar with the boats but have heard wet decks can be a problem and the hulls are balsa cored as well is this true? What sorts of things should one be looking out for when looking at one? What do owners think about the 3200 open vs 3600 open when deciding between the two as these are the two boats I’m thinking about. Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the site, I am currently under contract on a 2007 3600 Open. I have heard everything you have heard, so I went with a great surveyor, which did moisture meter readings around all of the port lights, all of the thru hull fittings, around the anchor windlass and the hardtop as well, as it has top mounted outriggers. I didn’t want to deal with any moisture. I am partial to the Cummins and wouldn’t buy one with Volvos, due to the high cost of Volvo Penta parts. Cummins parts are much more available. Mine has the QSB 5.9s. Do yourself a favor and check out about the proper way to service the aftercoolers, as these at $5,000 a piece, if they are not in good condition and not serviced every 2 or 3 years.

I too considered both the 32 and the 36. It comes down to how are you going to use it. We plan to cruise the Bahamas and wanted to be able to anchor our for a week or two at a time, so we wanted the extra space. The 32 has a smaller refrigerator, holds 30 gallons less water, 10 gallons less waste, and I believe 180 gallons less fuel. So for the way we are going to use it, those were all deciding factors. The 32 also has a lot less room in the engine room for servicing, and I am 6’ 240# so more space is needed for maintenance.
Are you looking at Gas or Diesel? I wanted a diesel and many of the 32’s are gas, but I did see some diesels, and most if not all 36’s are diesel. The range on the diesel's is also much further which also helped in our decision.
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