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Well, that adds to the story. He was due to be out of town and I agreed he could hire a captain to run the boat for the survey/sea trial. This was done in the interest of expediency (since this deal had already drawn itself out 5 weeks!?).

The whole thing ended up being a mess. Just disappointing that on top of the deal falling apart, I had to deal with the boat being trashed. I’m also regretting not at least trying to sell it myself. I’ve done well doing it in the past, but thought this would be faster and easier. Instead, it ends up just being a giant, perverted game of telephone between me, my broker, their broker, the buyer/surveyor/mechanic, and then all the way back down. Ugh…
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They must all be the same Brokers and my buying "experience " deserves a whole nuther thread !
It is a good thing I like my current boat , because I am never,ever , ever going through that again !
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