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Best fuel filters
I have a 1988 Tiara 3100 Open and want to replace the fuel filters. Currently have the OEM canisters that require paper filters to be replaced. They're not easy to change and you can't see the fuel quality.
Any recommendations?
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Mark — a pic might be helpful here. Based on your description, I presume you have the Racors you cannot see through? If that’s the case, the path of least resistance would probably be Racors with the clear bowl at the bottom. But once you can give some more detail about what you have, it might be easier to make a recommendation.
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I'm not sure if RACOR w/plastic or glass sight bowls are available/recommended for GAS fueled systems.... At one point there was a concern relating to the plastic/glass bowl breaking/cracking/leaking causing raw gas to be leaked into the bildge...... I's ask RACOR or a qualified mechanic first
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You are exactly right, ReelMagic. He didn’t mention whether we’re talking gas or diesel. I guess I just assumed diesel. We’re all 3100’s gas? Either way, I think a bit more info will help all around this discussion — HA!!
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