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New to TOC
I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Van and I own a 28 regulator that I use for fishing in the Chesapeake Bay.  My wife wants to start cruising when my son goes to college in 18 months.  We're looking at a number of boats including several Tiaras.  I am a big fan of the brand and I am leaning towards getting a newer 4300 Open or one of the LE or LS models with the fishing modules.
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Had mine a few months and the family sure does love it. Way better than the CC’s of before as we were able to use it today when it was much cooler out. I am really looking forward to the cold weather fishing this year than in years past.

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Van — I’ve got a ‘99 4000 Express for sale right now in Annapolis. Amazing cruising boat. I know the previous owner did a lot of fishing off her, so she’s versatile. Let me know if you’re at all interested and can get you the listing.
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Thank you for the offer but I am looking for a newer boat. Are you going to replace it and if so with what? Best of luck with the sale.
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We’re moving to a house with waterfront so will be going smaller with outboards for less “prep time” to get on the water!
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Late model 4300 Open is a great dual purpose boat, much better than anything they're making now!

One thing to pay close attention to is whether the boat has pods vs. straight shaft inboards. The pods have their advantages but can be very expensive and challenging to maintain. At a bare minimum you want to make sure you're in close proximity to a marina that has the proper tools and personnel to maintain & repair them should you decide to move forward with a pod boat.
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