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Need prop upgrade advice. Please
Captain Hello new to group 1992 4300 tiara open w/ DD 6v92 @550hp. 
Looking for advice on a mor3 aggressive prop currently running 3 blade 26/28's on a 2.25" shaft, have seen a lot of recomendations to go to the 5 blade 36/38's  any opinions or advice before I spend 12k, because I really want to put a set of sharrow porps on but dont want to spend 26k.
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Prop manufacturers have "prop calculators" on line to help you decide.  You will need to know the engine manufacturers wide open throttle RPM you need to obtain.  Also, what your current stats are with current props will be helpful.  
You don't want a prop size that will not let your engines reach manufacturer specified RPM as it will overload the diesels and create excess heat and other long term engine damage.
2020 53 Fly
CAT 12.9L-1000, straight shaft
Gulf Coast Florida 
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You will lose a good bit of speed going from 3 blade to 5.
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