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1989 454 Ignition
Good morning.
Has anyone successfully converted their vintage 454's to electronic distributors?

I am finding I need to clean the green corrosion often from inside the distributors.
I'd like to simplify if possible

Any help would be appreciated
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If the distributor is getting corrosion inside then it isn't sealed properly. Are you using automotive parts to save money? A marine cap will come with a gasket to seal it. Back when I had gas engines I used to spray everything inside the cap (and I mean EVERYTHING including the cap) with Corrosion X. Once I did that I stopped having problems.
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Just original parts or old parts I think.
I bought the boat with them.
Good point on the CorrosionX. Love the stuff, but a fresh set of eyes is often the best advice
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I've converted from points to electronic ignition several times. Mercruiser Thunderbolt (expensive but can purchase used off ebay); Mallory (cheapest and easiest) and MSD. I liked the MSD the best for performance but all things considered would stick with the Thunderbolt. If you do go Thunderbolt make sure you get the right part number for the ignition amplifier as the advance curves differ by engine and horsepower.
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    So the problem was a Prestolite ignition module failure! Waiting on parts now GRRR
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That looks corroded badly. Sealing the new one will go a long way. Use some silicone on the wire entry points and Corrosion X on the rest.
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I had the exact same issue last summer on my 1980 31 open.  Port engine (crusader 454) ignition conversion module packed it in.  I replaced both p & s distributors with Petronix Flame-throwers.
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